Day 10

11 Sep

I’m re-gifting. But this times you’re gonna Thank Me. Your Welcome.

Filling My Soul Hole

I’m a third of the way in.  And I’m tired.  Getting happy is a lot of work, which is probably why most people are unhappy – it’s far easier.  I’ve heard from a few people who are little further down the happiness line and they assure me this stuff turns second nature, but tonight, today, is an effort.  I have no profound statements to share, nothing kind or wise to say.  I’m tired.  But I’m here.  And that’s what counts, right?  Please say it counts.


Started the day with it again, but set an alarm (thank you for that suggestion).  I actually had a bit of a rough night last night; lots of almost-lucid dreams, and I could never figure out where reality was, and once I found it, it was hard to settle into.  Meditation this morning provided some comfort.  Still on 20 minutes, so I guess that’s…

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The Earl of Marigold

17 Apr

The Earl of Marigold